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Welcome to Triple Thread Custom Design and Apparel

We are like a modern day mom-and-pop hardware store, but instead we are really just two young guys that own a t-shirt company, so we really aren't like that at all. Let us introduce ourselves...

Triple Thread is based out of Clawson, Michigan and consists of Ken and Justin. Ken possesses a strong creative force, while Justin has the personality and people skills. Together they have become the yin and the yang of the T-shirt world. They are two cousins dedicated to bringing an original,high-quality product to the masses. A great idea came to them one day, which they instantly forgot, so they started this T-shirt company instead.

However, the truth is, we do offer one of a kind custom design, on-site production of apparel for all Detroit local events, and a wide array of printable garments. Our goal is provide the best service possible while developing a personal relationship with the customer. In the end we want to do the best we can for you, while having fun doing it.

One Love,
Ken and Justin






25 West 14 Mile Road, Clawson, MI 48017 phone: 248.321.7757 | send email